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Makita Drill. Vs Dewalt Drill

Updated: Jan 11

  1. The "20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® 2-Tool Combo Kit With ToughSystem® (5.0Ah)" and the "Makita XFD12T 5.0 Ah 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Brushless Cordless 1/2" Driver-Drill Kit" are both combo kits that include multiple tools for various tasks.

  2. One key difference between the two kits is the voltage of the tools they include. The 20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® kit includes tools that run on 20V power, while the Makita XFD12T kit includes tools that run on 18V power. Generally speaking, tools with higher voltage will tend to be more powerful than those with lower voltage.

  3. Another key difference is the type of brushless motors used in the tools. Brushless motors are known to be more efficient and durable than brushed motors. And they also provides more power and longer battery life.

  4. The Makita kit includes a 1/2" driver-drill, while the 20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® kit does not specify the included drill size. However, it does come with additional tool for multiple use.

  5. Both kits include a battery and charger, with the 20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® kit using a 5.0Ah battery and the Makita XFD12T kit using a 5.0Ah battery. The battery ampere-hours (Ah) is an important factor which determines how long the battery will last. The higher the Ah number, the longer the battery will last.

  6. The Makita XFD12T kit is smaller and more compact in size than the 20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® kit, which makes it more portable and easier to use in tight spaces.

  7. The 20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® kit comes with a ToughSystem® tool box which is a storage system designed to protect and organize tools and accessories. Makita XFD12T kit doesn't comes with a storage system.

  8. Both tools have similar speed and torque capabilities, with the Makita kit providing up to 2,000 RPM and 530 in-lbs of max torque, while the 20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® kit is not specified.

  9. Both kits come with a warranty for the tools included. The Makita XFD12T kit has 3-year warranty and the 20V MAX* Cordless Brushless XR® kit has a 3 year limited warranty, which covers any defects in materials and workmanship.

  10. Both kits are suitable for professional and DIY use and can handle a variety of tasks such as drilling, driving, and fastening. Ultimately, the choice between the two kits will come down to personal preferences, such as tool selection, size, and storage needs.

Makita XPH12T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Brushless Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver-Drill Kit

The Makita 18V LXT ® Lithium- Ion Brushless Cordless ½ ” Hammer motorist- Drill( XPH12T) is an ideal drilling and driving result for the user who wants further features. The XPH12T combines 530in.lbs. of Max Torque with an effective brushless motor that delivers up 50 further work per charge, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. For the pro user, this means further drilling and driving power, lesser productivity, and smaller passages over and down the scaffolding or graduation to get to the battery bowl. In motorist mode, the malleable necklace settings give further control for a full range of operations, from large fasteners to lower, delicate screws. For drilling into masonry, simply switch to the percussive hammer motorist- drill setting. It weighs only4.2 lbs.( with battery) for increased comfort and superior power- to- weight rate. The tackle includes two effective 18V LXT ®5.0 Ah batteries, and each reach a full charge in only 45 twinkles – the fastest charge- time in the order – for lower time-out and increased productivity. It’s part of Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium- Ion series, the world’s largest cordless tool line- up powered by 18V Lithium- Ion slide- style batteries. Makita 18V Lithium- Ion batteries have the fastest charge times in their orders, so they spend further time working and lower time sitting on the bowl. Read further.) Features Variable 2- speed design( 0- 500 & 0-,000 RPM)( 0-,500 & 0-,000 BPM) covers a wide range of drilling, driving and hammer operations BL ™ Brushless Motor delivers 530in.lbs. of Max Torque Effective BL ™ Brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for over to 50 longer run time per charge The BL ™ Brushless Motor eliminates carbon skirmishes, enabling the BL ™ Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life The electronically- controlled BL ™ Brushless Motor efficiently uses energy to match necklace and RPM to the changing demands of the operation Features Extreme Protection Technology( XPT ™) which is finagled to give increased dust and water resistance in harsh job point conditions Compact and ergonomic design at only7-1/8" long Weighs only4.0 lbs. with battery for reduced driver fatigue Rubberized soft grip provides increased comfort on the job BinaryL.E.D. lights illuminate the work area




Dewalt DCK299P2 5.0Ah 20V Cordless Brushless Drill 2-Tool Combo Kit

Product Overview This 20V Maximum * cordless tackle includes one 1/2 in. hammerdrill/ motorist, 1/4 in. impact motorist, two 20V Maximum *5.0 Ah batteries, bowl, and hard case. The DCD996 hammerdrill comes equipped with a heavy- duty ratcheting nitro- carburized essence chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit absorbing strength and a high effectiveness brushless motor that delivers up to 75 further run time over brushed. The DCD996 features a 3- mode LED furnishing light in dark or confined spaces and is 20X brighter than the former model. The DCF887 impact motorist has a important brushless motor delivering up to 1825 in- lbs. of maximum necklace, and is equipped with 3 LEDs for increased visibility. Close fresh Features DCF887- 3 LEDs with 20-alternate detention provides, visibility without murk. operations DCD996- Drilling into wood, essence or concrete DCF887- Fastening into wood or essence Includes 1) DCD996 20V Maximum *1/2 in. Hammerdrill/ motorist 1) DCF887 20V Maximum *1/4 in. Impact motorist 2) DCB205 20V Maximum *5.0 Ah Batteries ( 1) DCB115 Charger 1) DWST08130 Tough System ® Storage



Makita and Dewalt are both well-known and respected manufacturers of power tools. Both companies have a wide range of products, including drills, saws, impact drivers, and more. One major difference between the two brands is the type of motors used in their tools. Makita primarily uses brushless motors in their tools, which are known for being more efficient and longer-lasting than brushed motors. Dewalt, on the other hand, offers both brushed and brushless motor options. Another key difference is the compatibility of batteries and chargers. Makita tools typically use a proprietary battery system, meaning that batteries and chargers are specific to Makita tools and may not be used with other brands. Dewalt, on the other hand, uses a more standardized system and their tools are often compatible with batteries and chargers from other brands in their line of tools. In terms of design and ergonomics, Makita and Dewalt both have their unique approach, Makita tools tend to have a more sleek, ergonomic design, while Dewalt tools tend to be more industrial and rugged. In terms of warranty, Makita tends to offer a 3-year warranty on their tools, while Dewalt offers a 3-year limited warranty on most of their tools. Ultimately, the choice between Makita and Dewalt will come down to personal preference and the specific needs of the user. Both brands are known for producing high-quality, durable tools and have a wide range of products to choose from.

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